TCCF Series

TCCF SERIES COOLING TOWER – is an induce draft vertical discharge type, counter flow film filled. It shall be designed with high efficiency and minimum maintenance.

Casing and Cold Water Basin

The casing ,cold water basin are made of Fiberglass reinforce Polyester (FRP) and two side smooth


The cooling tower main frame structure shall Hot Dip Galvanized Steel(HDGS.)

High Efficient Cooling Fan

Fan shall be axial flow type with aerofoil aluminum fan blades designed to provide the necessary airflow for heat transfer. The aerodynamic shape together with low tip speed ensure a lower noise level and low power consumption. The fan are adjustable for in pitch.

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High Thermal Performance Fills

- The efficiency of the cooling tower depends upon the ability of the fill to promote both maximum contact surface ,and the maximum contact time between air and water

- This fill is thermally vacuum formed from rigid polyvinyl chloride(PVC). Physical Properties of PVC used fill follow CTI code STD-136 standard .The fill will be able to withstand temperature of up to 55 0C and surface burning with a flame spread rating less than 25 per ASTM E-84

- Patented cross corrugate fill design significantly increases cooling tower efficiency as its expansive surface area accelerate cooling.

Drift Eliminator

- TCI DE-1200 utilizes a 3 pass design.It is design to removed entrained water droplets from leaving the air stream at minimum pressure losses and cost. Maximum drift loss is 0.005% of circulating water flow rate.

- TCI DE-1200 shall be fabricated from rigid PVC(UV protected) that are conducive to cooling tower usage .PVC materials complies to CTI Code STD-136 standard

Water Distribution System

- Low pressure flow distribution system.

- Nozzle are made out of PVC. The beauty of this is nozzle is that it is self cleaning. So,you don’t have to worry about dirt or scale being dogged in the nozzle. Furthermore,the nozzle distribute water evenly to this fills.

Belt Drive Systems

-The TYD Series employs as standard belt and pulley drive system.The configuration of the drive system is simple and easy to maintain.